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Turning dreams of solar power into reality.

Make, use, and sell your own power.

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With the sunniest skies in Canada, an investment in solar energy in Manitoba just makes sense. Take control of your energy future and save money when you place a 25-year warranty solar system on your roof or property.

Take advantage of government rebates and a 10-year, 0% loan. There has never been a better time to "go solar" in Manitoba!



$5,000 in rebates available to homeowners from Efficiency Manitoba.



$25,000 rebate available from Efficiency Manitoba.

30% Income Tax Credit from the CRA.

75% depreciation in 2024 from the CRA .

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Illuminating Tomorrow

Gain insights into the benefits, challenges, and exciting developments in sustainable energy through our blog series.

A Guide to EV Charging at Home

Waking up each day to a full charge is important for electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Manitoba...

How Much Power Do Solar Panels Produce?

There are numerous factors that determine how much power a solar system will
produce at any moment in time...

Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives Available in Manitoba

Solar rebates and solar incentives make going solar in Manitoba more affordable than ever before!

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